The world's most powerful cloud gaming system arrives this October in Australia - and its potential is limitless. Level up the way you play using remote NVIDIA GeForce computing to game in real-time, anywhere, on any device.

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More Power.
More Play.

No RTX? No problem

Unleash the power of NVIDIA's latest GPU technology anywhere you are. Play the most demanding games on max settings at a smooth 60fps on PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone or smart TV… heck, probably even your toaster.

With your GeForce NOW subscription you'll always have access to remote high-end gaming hardware - meaning no upgrades needed. Ever. Not even a little one.

Powerfully Portable

Turn any downtime into playtime. When you're waiting between classes, chilling on lunch break, taking the long commute home, or just hanging at a friend's place - just connect a suitable mobile device to access your PC titles so you can game wherever you are.

Enter CloudGG

CloudGG is the user portal to access GeForce NOW Powered by Pentanet.

Inside CloudGG, you'll be able to complete Quests, gain Achievements and earn Multipliers on your account!

And the coolest part? Each of these actions will help your chances of being selected as a GeForce NOW Powered by Pentanet Beta Tester this September!

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All I do is
win win win

We love our GeForce NOW community!

As a thank you, we regularly run competitions through the CloudGG portal.

Check back regularly, and you could go in the running to win some awesome GeForce NOW Powered by Pentanet prizes.

You bought it
You own it

Use the CloudGG portal to connect to your favourite stores and stream your library of games. You make your purchase on your personal store account, your games will always stay with you.

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Cloud Gaming on
all your devices

GeForce NOW instantly transforms nearly any laptop, desktop, Mac, SHIELD TV, Android device, iPhone, or iPad into the PC gaming rig you've always dreamed of. Play the most demanding PC games and seamlessly play across your devices.

Windows PC

Desktop and Laptop

Mac OS

iMac, Macbook and Mac Pro

Android TV

Chromecast with Google TV, Sony TV and more


Phone and Tablet

Chrome Browser

Chromebook, PC and Mac

Safari Web Browser

iPhone and iPad


GeForce NOW Australia is proudly powered by Pentanet. Born from three gamers' frustration with below average internet speeds, Pentanet has privately built Perth's largest and fastest growing fixed wireless network.